Friday, December 07, 2007


Ugg boots. Did you ever wonder if they got their name because "Ugg" is short for ugly? Um, yeah. Me neither [whistles].

I know Uggs are so two years ago but trends take a while to work their way up North and to the East and then a bit more North.

It doesn't matter how many times I see them. I still laugh and think they're ugly ugly ugly. But I absolutely want a pair! Oooo - you marketing execs are good [narrows eyes].

Last year I bought a pair of non-Ugg boots because I refused to give in to the I-Love-Ugg-ness sweeping the nation.

So in protest, I bought a pair that looks like this...

I thought I was being all cute. Did you see the cute as a button (but more 3-D-ish) pom poms? Ugg's don't have pom poms. And the cute wedge heel? Ugg's don't have that either. Ugg's are flat like Keira Knightly. And plain like vanilla ice cream, or even Vanilla Ice.

And you know what? People laughed at me when I wore them. They gave me the "who-the-hell-do-you-think-you" look? Which I followed up with the "a-girl-who-likes-her feet-to-stay-warm-at-minus-10" look. People can be so cruel when it comes to winter fashion. So cruel [shudders].

Perhaps it's boot-karma coming back to kick me in the butt after all the laughing I did at Ugg wearers. As if!*

* Much like the delay for fashion trends to work their way up North and to the East and a bit more North, it also takes phrases like "as if", "schwing" and "who's your daddy" a while to catch on.


Jami said...

The evil Ugg Marketeers are no match for my Protective Shield of Good Taste in Shoes™!

Erika said...

Jami: Can I pick one of those up at The WalMart? ;)

Jami said...

I don't know, although you might be able to because, you know, WallyWorld has EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED. I inherited mine from my mother, though.

Frankly, Scarlett said...

Flat like Kiera Knightly!!!!


Rock on with your wintery fashion-clad self, sistah :)

Erika said...

Jami: I called Wal-Mart and they're all sold out! Foiled again!

Scarlett: You're so supportive :)