Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Make An Impression: The Job Interview Edition

Recently I went for a job interview for a position in Paul's city. The following are some simple and straight-forward tips I learned, that I thought I'd pass along to my fellow job hunters.

Top 10 Ways to Make An Impression: The Job Interview Edition
Completely rip the ass of your pantyhose getting out of your car. Have pantyhose hanging precariously by the front bits. Wonder whether you have enough time to dash into pharmacy to pick up new pair [answer is NO]. Thank your lucky stars: a) your skirt covers your bum, b) you decided to go with bikini briefs, and c) it's only semi-mildly windy.
2. Close the car door and turn to put money in the parking meter at the exact moment a truck drives through the only puddle on the street (which just so happens to be right beside you) and showers your new interview suit with a wave of cold muddy puddle water. Thank your lucky stars: a) your interview suit is brown so muddy puddle water blends in, and b) it's made of linen which soaks up liquid pronto.
3. Your interview suit is made of linen making it look like you slept in your suit. Convince office receptionist you are not homeless person but actual interviewee.
4. Continue laughing as you enter the interview room because of pantyhose and puddle incidents. Realize interview panel thinks you're either: a) crazy, or b) not taking the interview seriously. Picture Roseanne Barr naked to stop fits of laughter (works every time!).
5. Lead interviewer has a cold and advises she won't shake your hand in case she's contagious. Quip back "That's ok, I'll get you next time!" As if a) you're so confident you'll get the job and will shake her hand on your first day of work, or b) your going to keep interviewing until they give in and hire you, or c) you'll be stalking her until you get to shake her hand.
6. After every question, ask "Can you repeat the question?"
7. For questions you don't know the answer to say "That's a good question..." to buy yourself some time to think of something coherent and get rid of the deer-in-headlights look in your eyes.
8. To the question, "What types of decisions do you find hard to make and which do you find easy to make?" Answer: "I'm decisive, it's easy for me to make most decisions. The ones I find hardest are what to wear, like this outfit today."
9. Get so caught up in your fabulous answer that you forget the question (even though you've been talking for 7 minutes straight hoping something you said answers whatever they asked). Follow it up with "Can you repeat the question?"
10. At the end of the interview when they ask if you have any questions, ask "How did this position become available?" Watch them tear up as they answer, "He died."
Bonus Tip: Hand in your references, saying "They're expecting your call."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wise Guy

Location: Walking Trail
Time: 7 pm

Me: [Trying not to laugh] "Paul darling, that's quite the walking outfit you have on there. Suede jacket, black t-shirt, jeans, white sneakers and sun glasses. You look like a member of the mob."
Paul: "Then what does that make you?"
Me: "Embarrassed."
And then we both collapse into fits of laughter.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Mathematics of Job Hunting

# of months since becoming engaged to Paul = 5
# of months since beginning job search to move to Paul's city = 5
# of jobs applied for since beginning job search = 11
# of job interviews obtained since applying for jobs in Paul's city = 0
# of glasses of wine drank during this blog post = 1, 3
# of glasses of wine drank while writing cover letters for jobs applied for in Paul's city = 11

Ok, maybe those numbers are a bit off. I've drank way more than 11 glasses of wine.

[UPDATE: # of job interviews obtained since beginning this post = 1. Cue the Twilight Zone music please!].

Monday, May 12, 2008

Much Ado About Money

Revenue Canada* how I love thee.
Let me count the ways,
One thousand, two thousand, three thousand, four...

*Revenue Canada: the Canadian equivalent to the IRS. Same suits. Same jokes. With the bonus flair of a Canadian accent eh!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Pretend Birthday To Me!

Since my official birthday was a tad rough, I decided to try celebrating it again today, by having my very own pretend birthday. And you know what? It was bloody fantastic. I had a great hair day. My outfit was fab. I got flowers. I got a card. My coworkers wished me a Happy Pretend Birthday. And since it was a pretend birthday, I pretended I was 30.

One of the best real birthday presents I got, was from Paul. Remember my blog bumper sticker idea? Oh, really? And you call yourself a fan! Oh, really? Well keep might want to reconsider.

Anyhoo. Paul designed some "Read the Blog" Redhead-Next-Door bumper stickers himself. And by "some" I mean one. And got three of them made (It's the thought that counts. He is so thoughtful). And I am going to have three very happy blog fans.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

My son (age 11) just woke me up out of bed with a high pitched, fast talking yell from his room. It sounded much like "Mum...warble warble warble". To which he promptly opened fire with a power puke all over the carpet in the hallway, the hall walls and his bathroom sink. [I mean walls...who even does that unless they're in Poltergeist?] I didn't even have time to react (unless you count finally directing the spray to the toilet but by that time the regurgitation massacre was over).

So now I'm left with a rather large, rather suspect, stain on my hallway floor. A stain which looks like someone may have been murdered there, except it smells like beef stew. And is more orange-y with bits of green than bloody
(thanks to all those leafy greens in the salad at supper).

Ironically, this whole episode started precisely at midnight. I am officially 32. And so far, my birthday sucks donkey dick.

Oh karma, how you mock me.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Great Dick-bate

Me: "Let's rent 27 Dresses this weekend (the movie, and not actually renting 27 dresses)!"
Paul: "Sounds like a chick flick. Iron Man is at the theatre. I was thinking of taking Aidan for some male bonding. You could come too."
Me: "Hmmm...sounds like a dick flick. I think I'll opt for the inevitable taffeta filled music montage."

And somewhere, Thelma and Louise give a high five.