Monday, January 08, 2007

Fly the Friendly Skies?

Picture it...a coworker emails you to tell you she has just the guy for you.

Initial thought: Hmmmm...I don't know. But request more details so not to appear too guarded and/or indifferent.

Turns out said "guy for me" is a hunky pilot.

Next thought: Sexy pilot uniform, could possibly be a bonus. Ok, who am I kidding...uniform = BIG bonus not to mention probable good sense of direction. No more getting lost and stopping to ask for directions on romantic weekend get-a-ways.

Hmmm...could be getting a wee bit ahead of myself.

So where can I met this hunky pilot? Well apprently he spends a lot (a lot a lot) of time at the airport and flying around the country/province/county. You don't say...

Next thought: ***** ******!! Remember have never been on airplane let alone flown in one. Have not even set foot in one at airshow.

Possible coincidental ways to casually bump into hunky pilot = none

Unless, pretend I am interested in sky diving or something. Pros: faint in arms of hunky pilot after take off. Cons: forced to jump out of open door of plane to keep up with sky diving appearances.

Could pursue rouse of being undercover journalist and investigating something aviation-based. Pros: Have journalism experience, an excuse to wear high heels/ show off Billy Blanks sculped calfs. An expose on airplane food perhaps? No, been done already. Airplane tires: Rubber or Rubbish? No, too boring. Must seem exciting! Mile high club. No, too easy. Literally.

Decidely must forego the chance at hunky pilot until overcome mad hopping fear of flying. Or until land-based plane is invented.


Anonymous said...

walking out of a plane while it is still in flight isn't THAT bad. of course, i've never done the civilian skydiving, but i imagine that'd be a helluva lot more fun.

Anonymous said...

Don't dismiss the mile-high club thing out of hand... ;)

Erika said...

Guys, I'm not convinced. Call me crazy (ok, don't really) but I don't think risking one's life should be involved in meeting someone. First date conversation and should we/not kiss awkwardness is enough to endure.

Kirsten said...

What, the pilot has never had a date on the ground? Didn't you ever hear of opposites attract. I know a pilot here in Moncton and he has a lot of time off and loves to travel. I just saying...

Erika said...

Ah...Kiki? How come you've never mentioned this pilot guy to me before. I want details girl!

Anonymous said...

Kirsten is right. Commercial pilots only work about 1 week/month. They are often back home the same day as their flight, and they make an insane amount of $$$.

However, being me, I always wonder what is wrong with the guy, why is he single. To me, Hunky, rich and still single more often that not = asshole. God, I'm a pessimist when it comes to relationships!