Monday, April 28, 2008

Q and A with Paul, The Gettin' Hitched Edition

Via the phone...

Let's get right to the juicy stuff. What do you think about your ex-wife offering to help plan our wedding?
Paul: [laughs] Typical. I have no interest in taking her up on that offer.
Me: Glad you cleared THAT up.

Me: How many hours do you estimate you spent looking for the perfect ring for me?
Paul: [adding out loud] 25 total.
Me: How does this compare to the number of hours you masturbate?
Paul: [laughs] That's less than 25 hours total a week.

When did you know I was THE ONE?
Paul: Waking up with you and realizing I wanted to do that forever. And that purr that you do.

Moving on. Describe in one word what marriage means to you.
Paul: A commitment.
Me: That's two words.
Paul: This is hard! I thought you loved me [pouts]. I would say commitment but that's not what marriage means to me.
Me: What the?
Paul: [continuing] A partnership with someone you want to share the rest of your life with. I guess I'd have to use "share" if I had to put it in one word. And I don't mean the singer [Cher].
Me: Where's a drum roll when you need one.

Me: Do you think I should change my name when we get married?
Paul: I'm of two opinions: I love the idea of you having my last name - it means you're mine.
Me: [Picturing Paul in a loin cloth carrying me over his shoulder back to the cave].
Paul: But your maiden name - it's who you are. If I was more nouveau, we'd make up our own last name.

What's the first thing you want to do after we get hitched?
Paul: [laughs] Right after? Walk hand in hand [censored]. Kiss you senseless [censored] and hold on to you saying, "mine forever."

What's the one tradition you want to include in our wedding?
Paul: Pardon?
What's the one tradition you want to include in our wedding?
Paul: I thought you said "position". Tradition...I see it as more of a simple affair.
Me: [Picturing hot dogs and beer].

Me: Do you think I will turn into a Bridezilla?
Paul: A what?
Me: [Long explanation as to what this is]. I'm sure it's a non-issue. Now get back to making those guest favors!!!

Me: What's the one household chore you will least like to do when we're married?
Paul: Cleaning the showers and putting away the laundry.
Me: So, pretty much the same as now. How will we decide who does what around the house?
Paul: I think it'll be easy. I'll be doing more cooking than cleaning.
Me: I see you've already put some thought into this.

Me: What's your biggest fear about getting married?
Paul: Comfort. I'm afraid I'll become comfortable and won't be trying as hard. I fear taking you for granted and not showing you how special you are.
Me: Don't worry, I won't let you forget.

Me: What's the best part about getting married?
Paul: [long pause] Someone to share everything with.
Me: I thought you would say "more sex".
Paul: Honey, it's hard to get more sex than I do now.
[Thinking to myself perhaps it's time to attend a support meeting].

Me: Did you purpose on New Year's Eve so that you will never forget our engagement anniversary?
Paul: No [laughs].

Me: Have you ever lied to me?
Paul: White lies...that's it.
Me: Ahem! Like sorry I didn't call hon, my cell phone battery died. Like that?

Me: How would you describe my decorating style?
Paul: Unfortunately you don't have a lot of money. But if you did, it would be light and colorful. I'm more "dark."
Me: Uh huh. What will happen to my "hand me down furniture" once we move in together?
Paul: It's going to look great in our rec room.
Me: Ouch.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Canada - I regret to announce the suddenly passing of Mavi Jeans on April 13, 2008 at 3:31 pm. The Jeans are survived by their owner and wearer, Erika. She will miss wearing them every week because she only had two pairs of jeans special enough to call "wearable". She will miss pouring herself into them for dates and making guys drool (especially Paul) about the special way they fit her curves. Like other pants owned by Erika, who shall remain nameless out of respect, Mavi Jeans passing was due to a large rip in the ass area. It was over quickly, she did not suffer. Few jeans were like you Mavi, R.I.P.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Set To Vibrate

In my home province, they made a little law that goes like this, as of April 1st YOU CAN'T DRIVE AND CHAT ON YOUR CELL PHONE AT THE SAME TIME. Unless it's a hands free phone and you're using a looks-like-you-work-at-McDonald's headset. Thank goodness they didn't say anything about not applying mascara and driving. My phone rings occasionally while I'm in my car, but my eyes are always calling for more lash batting power.

When your phone rings you now have two options: a) let it ring and go to voicemail or b) pull over on the road/highway and answer the phone. Gee, I don't see anything dangerous about THAT.

I guess the law was made for those bad driver's who need their focus all their energy (and faculties) on driving to avoid being in an accident. Thank goodness they didn't say anything about not eating Big Mac's and fries and driving. My phone rings occasionally while I'm in my car, but my tummy is always calling for more [whatever they put in that crap].

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Compliment, #8

Supervisor: "I am really intimidated by your hair today."
What I Said: "And look. I can even do the Charlie's Angels hair swish."
[does sexy hair swishy flip thingy]
What I Should Have Said: "My hair just said to give me a 10% raise."

Random Compliment, #7

Supervisor: "You look amazing today Erika. You are way too sexy for this office."
What I Said:
"Um, thanks. I think."
What I Should Have Said: "Ooo. You noticed too eh?"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tales from Vacation: Preamble

For the first time [EVER] I took a vacation. Like, as in a VACATION vacation, i.e. an adult vacation. No, not THAT kind of adult vacation. But one with no kids. And you do more than stay home in your pj's and house clean, you actually go somewhere. More than 20 km's away!

I decided to venture to a part of the country I've never been to (which isn't as hard as it sounds since I've only been to three provinces). I know, I know. For such a worldly writer, I don't actually get out much.

Because of my embargo on air travel I opted for the classic ski road trip...a deux with Paul. To Quebec City...the city of love (second only to Paris and Moscow). We'd I'd forgotten that Quebec isn't a bilingual province (unless you count French and Asshole as official languages).

I've got enough post material for weeks...or this week (memory depending). Happy reading :)