Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nailed It

This morning I was flying around the house doing odds and ends before I left for work (emptying the garbage, doing dishes, sorting laundry - all very glam) when I noticed my faux-index fingernail was missing.

First thought: Crap.

Second thought: How hard can it be to find a nail?

** 10 minutes of searching with zero results later...***

Third thought: I'll just put on another faux-index fingernail. Add a dab of instant-bond nail glue and presto! The nail is in place.

Next thought: WTF? My faux-index fingernail is glued on with a slight slant to the left. Normally this wouldn't be all that noticeable except yesterday I re-glued my faux-middle fingernail on the same hand and it has a slight slant to the right. And now it looks like my fingernails are giving a peace sign. Not my fingers, just the nails.

My faux fingeranils are way too hip for me.

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