Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tales from Vacation: Preamble

For the first time [EVER] I took a vacation. Like, as in a VACATION vacation, i.e. an adult vacation. No, not THAT kind of adult vacation. But one with no kids. And you do more than stay home in your pj's and house clean, you actually go somewhere. More than 20 km's away!

I decided to venture to a part of the country I've never been to (which isn't as hard as it sounds since I've only been to three provinces). I know, I know. For such a worldly writer, I don't actually get out much.

Because of my embargo on air travel I opted for the classic ski road trip...a deux with Paul. To Quebec City...the city of love (second only to Paris and Moscow). We'd I'd forgotten that Quebec isn't a bilingual province (unless you count French and Asshole as official languages).

I've got enough post material for weeks...or this week (memory depending). Happy reading :)

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