Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Paul and I decided to buy a do-it-yourself make-your-own-wine-kit as our first grown-up homeowner task. And by "together" I mean Paul's doing it. Originally, we thought making our own wine would be fun! A good story! [Notice the foreboding via exclamation marks].

We also thought it would be less expensive than the current $50/week bill at the LC [that's Liqour Commission for you non-Canadians]. The wine kit cost $100 Cdn and makes 30 bottles of wine. That's just over $3 a bottle! Until we realized we didn't have 30 empty wine bottles laying around. So we had to start buying more wine to drink to get empty wine bottles to fill with our home made wine. You can see the vicious cycle that's immerging.

Sure, right now the wine smells like dirty socks. But whatever. How hard can it be to make a good vintage wine? Wait, don't answer that. At the very least, we'll have 30 future Happy this-and-that gifts for people we don't especially like.

Oh who am I kidding. I'll drink it. Besides, nothing could come close to the "Redhead-Next-Door special" I made as a teenager (back when I used to help myself to my parents liquor cabinet but before I grew balls and wanted my premature batender skills to go unnoticed). I mixed a touch of rum, vodka, peach schnapps, cherry liqueur, mint vermouth, whiskey, and whatever the hell else was in there T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R, into a gigantic sports water bottle. And drank it. Or tried to. With my best friend Terri. Now she had balls. It had quite the after taste (the drink, as opposed to someones balls, although...). And during taste (again, the drink and not balls, although...).

Perhaps I should quit while I'm ahead should have quit while I was ahead.
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Haha! I love the concept of buying more wine so that you can keep the empty bottles for the wine that you're making. This is sort of like a stunt I pulled this week. I keep telling myself to not be a shopaholic, so what do I do? I go buy this big, expensive "garment rack" (sort of like a closet, with no walls) to drag into my room to hang more of my clothing on, because my closet is PACKED and I can't find anything (which, I've been telling myself, is the reason I shop--because I can't find half my shit, I forget I own it, which means I go out and buy new clothes all the time that I don't need but don't realize I don't need because I can't find any of the shit I like to wear). Now that I've put the garment rack together and lovingly arranged my clothing on it, after I nearly fainted from seeing the sheer volume of clothes in my room, I was all like, "hey, this thing's great! Look, I've got room for at least 10 more shirts on this bar..." Sigh. :)

Erika said... I'm not the only one with this winning logic. So good to know :) Really, the possibilities are endless! Or, our credit limit...tee hee.