Friday, November 09, 2007

So Saucy

This week I traveled to the "big city" for training. This also happens to be the city where Paul lives. You know, purely coincidental.

We went out to eat at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I ordered my usual Combo A - chicken fried rice, egg roll and the piece de la resistance...sweet n' sour chicken balls (I also take pride that I've converted Paul into a Combo A devotee).

For the second time in two months my chicken balls were not smothered in sweet n' sour sauce. I like 'em if the balls were the Titanic and the sauce was the get where I'm going with this bad parallel? Good.

I looked at Paul and said in my best deadpan, "Honey, my balls are dry. I can't have dry balls. I like saucy balls."

After he finished laughing, Paul motioned for the waiter to come over. I was quickly trying to decide how to careful word my request. But perhaps I didn't have enough time.

Me: "Can I have some more sauce please, my balls are dry."

Our waiter got a nice tip.

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