Monday, March 24, 2008

What's A Four Letter Word For...

Sunday, Easter

[Interior: The living room of Paul's parent's house]

Paul's Dad: (doing the weekend newspaper crossword) "What's a four letter word for great, wild sex?"
Me: "Paul. P-A-U-L"
[Laughter from future mom, dad, sister and brother in-laws]
Me: [internal dialog] Shit shit shit. Did I just say that out loud? Oh god, and to his parents? Why didn't I just blurt out "yoga" or something. Yes, yoga sex. Sounds like wild fun, doesn't it? Instead I said "Paul." And now his family thinks we have wild crazy monkey sex or something.
Paul: [kisses me on the cheek, slightly blushing but mostly beaming]
[Laughter begins to die down]
Paul's Mom: "You're going to buy her whatever she wants now, aren't you Paul?"
Paul: "Yes, yes I am."

Me: "Anyone up for a drink?"


cristymuranda said...

hahaha, thats so awesome.

i found your blog today..somehow, i dont remember now. but i found it. so hi i'm cri

Kenya said...

I believe the word they were looking for was Orgy LOL.

This is totally the sort of thing I ususally do ;)

Jami said...

I think it's OMFG. Either that or "Thatsitohgodrighttheredonteverstop".

Erika said...

Cristymuranda: Awesome in a scary it's true way :)Welcome!

Kenya: Why didn't I think of that! Tunnel vision on the crazy monkey sex.

Jami: I'll be sure to use that one on the "what's a 34 letter word.." :)

Kirsten said...

ok boy Sis,
that comment makes a lasting impression. The great news is your being yourself. They will love the uncut Erika version and you never have to feel like you can't be yourself while visiting. That's what I love about my mother and father in law. I am who I am and they love me anyway. Or at least they say I their favorite daughter in law :)

Erika said...

Kiki: Very true. And as long as no one says "I do" at the wedding when the miniter asks if anyone objects...then we're good ;)