Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving On Up

Packing and purging. Purging and packing. Two of my favorite past times. While I consider myself a veteran packer (I've had lots of practice living in more than 13 different rentals). But this time it's different. I'm moving to something (and someone) and not away from something (or someone).

At the same time. I'm rusty as hell. I haven't lived with a man since my first husband. Ten years and a whole lot of personal development later (read: therapy) I feel ready to try this whole living with a man thingy. But not just any man. Paul.

My stuff is being sorted into "keep", "sell" and "throw" piles (the sell pile is very very large). Unlike when I left my husband, I opted to take it all and leave him with only a wok and a spice rack (which is unfortunate since the wok was a wedding present from my aunt and she's never let me forget that my ex was enjoying sweet and sour chicken balls because of her. And because I really liked that spice rack!). I was hoping my ex-husband would realize over thyme and basil what a cheating, money-wasting jerk he was while he slept on the floor.

This time I am opting to resurrect the local economy with a huge yard sale featuring most of my belongings. It's just stuff after all. Whoa. Who said that? Was that me? Interesting.

It's scary and fun. Scary fun. In a good way. Not like when you're watching a horror movie and the blonde chick decides to check out the noise downstairs [Why DO they do that?]. It's more like taking a chance on something that is so worth it.

I have no doubt there will be moving pains. I don't live in a fairy tale. Although I do have a fondness for glass slippers and frogs. But think of all the delicious stories I'll have for blog posts. Bruhahahaha.


Kirsten said...

Hi Sis,
Cheating, huh. Something you didn't tell me or do you have something you want to tell me...Yes, living with a man has it's ups and downs. Take that as you will. Like you said it will give you lots of blog posts as long as your honey allows you to write about him. I'm not allowed to mention, husband, etc in anything so that likely explains why I never write in my blog. LOL Kiki

Erika said...

Well that's your first mistake sis! Telling b-i-l you're writing about him. He doesn't read your blog, it's not like he'd know or anything ;)Paul is very supportive of my writing. For now. lol

Jami said...

Too kewl! And congrats! Speaking as a yard sale veteran, be prepared to cart a bunch of stuff that doesn't sell off to the dump. If it wasn't worth putting in the "Keep" pile, it's not worth keeping!


I feel your pain--I just moved, too (to a place closer to work and sans a crazy landlord). Good luck with your move!