Friday, July 04, 2008

Cul De Sacked

Besides starting a new job this week I've also been blessed with the added stress of househunting. We still don't have a buyer for Paul's place so we're shacked up in his ultra cosy 2-bedroom condo (all 1197 square feet of it).

We looked at 3 houses. We learned a lot. Observe.

Top 10 Ways to Tell You Shouldn't Buy A House If...
1. The walls are painted green apple green (except the master bathroom which is a bright sailor blue)
2. Backyard fence is held up by 2 x 4 planks nailed to the house for support
3. Smells like dog and/or cat piss
4. Five-year old neighborhood children are flashing gang signs at you as you roll up curb side
5. Smells like cigarette and/or pot smoke
6. Only landscaping done on the property by previous owners was cultivating their grow-op
7. Your screaming, arguing, kids are the quiet ones on the street
8. There's multicolored built-in shelves made out of unfinished every room in the house
9. Closet in the master bedroom has a padlock on the outside of the door...and yup, built in shelves. Could have been home to Harry Potter.
10. The real estate agent says "I'll just wait for you outside while you look around"


Jami said...

Add these to your list:

11. You can see daylight between the bottom of the baseboard and the floor in any room.
12. Water stains ANYWHERE.

Kirsten said...

You didn't say # 10. Oh well. It will all come together. I meant to ask you if the other condo sold in Paul's building?

Mickey Yarber said...

You could probably make a list of 100 things. I've been looking at houses recently and I've come to notice something. Everyhouse has something wrong with it. We just have to pick the lesser of the evils or what we think we can do the best job of fixing and/or redoing. Good luck.