Friday, September 19, 2008

One Is A Lonely Number

Last night Paul and I went to my 11-year old son Aidan's school meet and greet. I was sitting in the gym listening to the headmaster trying to spark some enthusiasm in the parents, all the while thinking...I look fab.

I always over-analyze my first annual meeting with the annual homeroom teacher. After all, it sets a precedent for the entire school year. Show up looking like a slob and even the nicest 6th grade teacher will judge what kind of a parent you are. So, I opted for a balance between professional mum and caring mum with a dash of hip thrown in.

As the general assembly drew to a close, I double checked myself before making my way over with Paul to introduce ourselves to the teacher. And then I realized, for the second time this week, one of my earlobes was naked! My second favorite pair of earrings was now a single. An orphan. To be added to the pile of other single earrings in my jewelry box. I'm not sure why I keep them. I guess one day I'm hoping they will be reunited with their mates. Ah, I'm such a hopeless romantic, even when it comes to earrings. Or maybe I could make a wind chime out of single earrings...Martha would be proud.

Luckily, the calamity of the single earring was adverted before meeting Aidan's teacher. Or else she would have mistaken me for one of those parents who's a bit...odd. Then she would think, by association, that my child is odd too. Quirky yes, odd no.

In the end, we didn't get to meet the homeroom teacher. She opted for a presentation style intro to all of the parents [note to self: some people are born to be public speakers, others like those who use "um" and "ah" after every second word, are not]. So I got to give her the once over from afar. She doesn't look like a teacher. She looks...angular. And very un-funny. But it's a good thing I'm not judgemental!

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Kenya said...

I have the same problem, but with gloves/mittens. I am a coat freak, mostly because I live in Quebec and you easily get sick of having the same coat on for like 5 months.

I love having the mitts and scarves that go with the coat, so I have a bunch of pairs in different colours and textures, and I also have a box of singles. The other halves of the mitts I have lost over the years.

I always keep them thinking, "but ifI find the other one" or "If I find an identical pair I'll have a spare"

I mean how dumb is it to be 26 years old and still be the kid who always only has one mitten. the only thing keeping me from pinning them to my coat or putting a string joining them together is my dignity LOL