Friday, August 11, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Tomorrow, it's all coming off. Yes, I'm feeling brazen and in the words of Freddie Mercury, "I want to break free"... from my hair that is. And to be honest [pause for effect] I'm getting a bit anxious. It was quite the topic of convo at work as my coworkers helped me review pages (and pages) of hairstyle mags for possibilities. But I've picked "the one". It's quite short. And I'm going to trying wearing it straight for bit.

Going short for a girl can be tricky; it's a delicate balance between pixie and butchy. And one person holds all the power...the stylist. I've chosen a new gal, Wendy (on the recommendation of Undercover Mother and her daughter Bridget - they both have bloody fantastic cuts). Undercover Mother is feeling a bit anxious herself; concerned that I'll blame her if my cut doesn't turn out as pictured (I won' least not out loud anyway). I tried to reassure her, wigs are so "in" right now!

But I can't seem to shake the fear that I'll end up looking like a cross between Clay Aiken and Little Orphan Annie. Definately not sexy (sorry Annie).

I'm still suffering side effects from the last time I cut it all off. My curls were half-way down my back and during summer break I lopped them off within an inch of my head. You can't imagine the hoopla - hundreds of fans wrote into the show flaming mad that I'd cut my beautiful hair. No wait, that happened to Felicity's Keri Russell. But it was quite similar. Except fans didn't write (it was my family, and it wasn't letters exactly, but lots and lots of words were involved). And I guess I wasn't on a show however I do like it when I'm the center of attention but I digress.

I remember feeling lighter (literally, my hair weighs a bit) but at the same time, losing some of my identity. Strangers no longer came up to me at random and asked to touch my hair. Instead they just asked to touch my belly (I was pregnant). I was no longer "the girl with the beautiful hair" but just a girl [tear]. I missed the hollow attention I got because of my hair which now seems so completely stupid. I know how to get attention in other more positive ways, like low cut shirts. Er, um, I mean my brain ;)

Point blank, no matter how my hair turns out tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a change. As if by fate, Shoppers Drug Mart had a fabulous sale on hair straigtheners today. I just happened to swing by the "hair accessory" isle on my way to the tic tacs. How's that for a sign?

Unfortunately they also had a sale on hair pieces.


Peter DeWolf said...

Are we going to be treated to pics of the new cheveux?

Luck o' the Irish said...

Good luck tomorrow. You won't need it though. I'm sure the cut will be great. And remember, a cut usually looks best 2 weeks out, so don't freak if it's "not quite right"...give it a couple weeks to settle. I usually have to do that with most of my cuts and have always been really happy a couple weeks out.

Erika said...

Irish: Thanks for the good advice. I will stick with the two week rule from now on for hair, and dating/ relationships :)

Peter: I could be persuaded to post pics. Especially since you tossed in that smidgen of French at the end.

Peter DeWolf said...

Oooooh oui?

How did it turn out?

Erika said...

Peter: You'll have to wait for the pics to judge for yourself. First test: managing the flat iron myself to get the same result as my stylist (ended up using 5 hair products). Plan B: told coworkers my new look was "rocker pirate chick". All-in-all quite positive feedback.

Peter DeWolf said...

Peter: You'll have to wait for the pics to judge for yourself.

Oh, the teasing!