Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random Compliment, #1

This evening I stopped by the local liqour store to pick up a little something to keep me company during BB7. I grabbed a pint of coconut rum (my favorite) and headed for the cash.

Lisa the Liquor Store Clerk: "Can I see your ID please?"
Me: "Um, sure [chuckle]. I haven't been asked that in a while." [Proudly hand over ID]
Lisa the Liquor Store Clerk: [looking at my ID] "Oh, wow! Well good for you!"

Thank you Lisa (and thank you Nivea mosturizing cream). 30 is so the new 19.


Kirsten said...

Hey sis,
Everytime I go into the Liquor store I secretly hope that I will get asked for my ID. I even try to act a little weird to see if they may think I'm too young... It never works. The last time I was asked for ID was in University. That was 4 years ago. I guess my 28 years here on earth have really done a number on me.

Sean said...

it's amazing how great something little like this can make you feel.