Friday, October 26, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My 10-year-old son Aidan and I were routing through the multitude of women's clothing racks at a big box store which shall remain nameless but sounds like Mal-Cart.

I was on the hunt for a pink t-shirt to wear for the office "Get in the Pink" fund raiser in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Society.

Aidan was "helping" me look by picking out other t-shirts he thought were cool/funny/interesting that I should get. None of which were pink.

Aidan: "Hey mum, you should get this one!"

I turned around, and do you know what I saw? This...

Me [in a pretending to be shocked voice and trying not to laugh]: "What?!?"

Aidan [laughing]: "Or this one."

Me: "Ha. Ha." Ok this isn't funny anymore.

Aidan: "Maybe they have a "Little Miss Beautiful" t-shirt you could get."

Awwww. Now that's more like it.


Sean said...

i have the mr. messy one...

Eileen Dover said...

That would make me melt.

Although.... I do relate to the chatterbox tee!

Rambling Hal said...

Aaaaawwwwww!!!! I think those T-shirts are so cute though - they have them at Zara as well, in the TRF section.

I know way too much about where you can find the most obscure clothing item.

It's sad.

Charlene said...

Man oh man! He is going to be a charmer. Watch out girls!

Hannah said...

Heh - what a cutie.

Erika said...

Sean: Remind me not to visit your house ;)

Eileen: Me too (on both counts)!

Rambling Hal: I'd much rather have obscure clothing than run-of-the-mill.

Char: I know, that's why we've already had the "you're not dating til your 30 convo". He's since talked me down to 16.

Hannah: Yeah, I'm pretty damn lucky :)