Monday, October 01, 2007

Up-Selling the Coffee Chain Way

This morning I stopped into my local Canadian coffee chain [which shall remain nameless...let's call it "ryhmes with Jim Nortons"].

The "host" as their male employees are called (which reminds me more of a parasite that's sucking its victim dry, much like Jim Nortons is sucking my wallet dry because I'm addicted to their coffee) repeated my order twice (large 3 cream, 2 sugar) in his best monotone voice before proceeding to mix up my caffine fix.

Host: [goraning] "Is that everything?"
Me: "Yes."
Host: "Would you like to try our muffin of the month with that."
Me: "Uhhhhh...what's the muffin this month?"
Host: [Looks around for visual reminders because he's not sure what kind of muffin it is and groans] "It's a pumpkin seed and cinnamon spice sorta muffin thingy I guess."
Me: [Keeping a straight face] "Wow. It's tempting since you made it sounds so appealing. But no."

It amazes me the volume of people who are able to hold down jobs in the customer service industry.


Sarcasm Abounds said...

Well, honestly, where else are they going to go?

If they wise up, they have to claw their way out to the upper 6th circle of hell.


Joel B. said...

It's amazing how much extra money I have now that I live in Tennessee, where there are no "Jim Norton's".

Erika said...

SA: I hear the 7th circle of hell is nice this time of year - why would they want to leave...

Joel: I bet! I'm sure [sounds like] "Maskin Bobbins" just doesn't cut it.