Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Pretend Birthday To Me!

Since my official birthday was a tad rough, I decided to try celebrating it again today, by having my very own pretend birthday. And you know what? It was bloody fantastic. I had a great hair day. My outfit was fab. I got flowers. I got a card. My coworkers wished me a Happy Pretend Birthday. And since it was a pretend birthday, I pretended I was 30.

One of the best real birthday presents I got, was from Paul. Remember my blog bumper sticker idea? Oh, really? And you call yourself a fan! Oh, really? Well keep might want to reconsider.

Anyhoo. Paul designed some "Read the Blog" Redhead-Next-Door bumper stickers himself. And by "some" I mean one. And got three of them made (It's the thought that counts. He is so thoughtful). And I am going to have three very happy blog fans.

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Erika said...

Apparently 3 bumper stickers is enough...what with 0 comments and all. Boo :(