Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

My son (age 11) just woke me up out of bed with a high pitched, fast talking yell from his room. It sounded much like "Mum...warble warble warble". To which he promptly opened fire with a power puke all over the carpet in the hallway, the hall walls and his bathroom sink. [I mean walls...who even does that unless they're in Poltergeist?] I didn't even have time to react (unless you count finally directing the spray to the toilet but by that time the regurgitation massacre was over).

So now I'm left with a rather large, rather suspect, stain on my hallway floor. A stain which looks like someone may have been murdered there, except it smells like beef stew. And is more orange-y with bits of green than bloody
(thanks to all those leafy greens in the salad at supper).

Ironically, this whole episode started precisely at midnight. I am officially 32. And so far, my birthday sucks donkey dick.

Oh karma, how you mock me.


Marvo said...


Don't you mean 26?

Jami said...

Thanks EVER so much for all the details. (urp!)

Oh, and Happy Birthday!! :)


I remember the good ol' days when the start of a birthday meant puking...like your OWN puke...because you were drinking a lot of fruity, yummy drinks...not ducking somebody else's puke. I hope your birthday improves drastically and that you have a fruity drink tonight; you deserve it! :)

Erika said...

Marvo: Um......ok. Yeah. That's exactly what I meant.

Jami: I am a "details" girl :)

Nikki: And how! Does it mean we're old when we talk about the good ol' days. I hope not. For me, that could be last week. Thankfully I've got a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade with my name on it for tonight! Actually "Mike's" name is on it, but I'm drinking it.