Monday, October 09, 2006

The 2 P's

#21. Get card/palm reading done from well-known local psychic. COMPLETED

I've been waiting to check this one off my list for over a month. But things (fate perhaps?) kept getting in the way. The first time, I was out of town when they called to book an appointment. The next time, the psychic couldn't stay til 5:30pm (my appointment time). I mean, what kind of psychic wouldn't know these things in advance. So right away, I'm skeptical.

My coworkers Marco, Undercover Mother, Aunt Margie and Sally have all gone to this particular mystic. I was interested to see what Psychic Ike saw in store for me. I was also interested to learn how anyone named Ike could make it as a psychic. It's just too rhymey.

I made loads of effort to make my brain a blank slate (ok, not that much effort is needed on a Saturday). I didn't want him picking up on any vibes or random brain waves I was tossing about. Besides, his voice is, feminine and I didn't want him to hear the laughing going on inside my head.

Psychic Ike asked me if he could read my cards. "Actually, I was hoping you could read my palm." Again, I think he should have known that without me telling him. But I digress.

I waited for his reaction when he saw my palm. His eyes grew very wide. You see, my hands are very, um wrinkly. Alright, alright, I admit it. I have old lady hands ok! While they look like they put in a good half a century's work, they are very very soft. The wrinkles have nothing to do with lack of moisturizer but just the luck of the genetics draw. Guys, you know what I'm talking about...

So Psychic Ike read my palm (a first for me). Cards would be too easy for someone to twist what a psychic said into something applicable, something that makes sense. For a palm reading, you really have to be accurate, or be a master bullshitter. Either way, I was ready to be amazed.

"Wow! You certainly have quite a road map here. There are so many things going on with you!" You don't say....

I was told many things: about traits I posses as a person, about my past and about my future. Psychic Ike records all of his readings on tape (included in the $25.00 Cdn fee). I played the tape for my family - they couldn't stop laughing because so much of what he said (about me as a person and the sordid details of my past) are true.

But what fun would it be if I shared THAT? Instead, I offer...

The Future That Awaits, According To Psychic Ike and Other Interesting Palm Reading Points:
- will be coming into a settlement of money within four months (yes! loves it!)
- will under go a test in January or February (hmmm...not crazy about tests)
- am going to meet two men - one is right for me, the other is not. I will know which is which (sounds like fun, innie meenie minee moe....).
- the right guy will also have money
- am going to have three children to this man (two boys and a girl), equally spaced (highly doubted, I still remember what childbirth feels like ten years later)
Stick with the writing, within the next five years it is going to make me lots of money (ok, that's believable)
- am going to be famous, everyone will know my name (dido)
- will travel to Eurpoe for at least two weeks, trip to be paid by someone else
- am going to live until at least age 95 (hopefully, they will have invented brain to body transplants by then)
- have a lady "spirit guide" (I didn't think rum could be attributed to male or female)
- have lived two previous lives (or at least my hands look like they have)

At the very least, it was quite entertaining. Going into it, I certainly didn't think it would alter the course of my life in any way. But you know, Psychic Ike made some interesting observations about my personality. And whether he knew how on-the-mark he was or not, it brought some things to my attention. Things to consider.

And best of all, now that I know I'm going to live until I'm 95, maybe I can finally take that airplane ride.


Peter DeWolf said...

Wait... there is a "famous" psychic where you live?

Erika said...

Well, famous in relative terms. Pourquoi?

Peter DeWolf said...

I've just never heard of any famous psychics... in the province, really.

Of course, the only one I know is Miss Cleo, so...

Erika said...

Well, there was that one lady from Pictou that predicted the tidal wave that was going to destroy PEI. This guy's popular around these parts as being bang on with his readings. I'm sure his fame will increase, once I become famous.

Peter DeWolf said...

Has anyone heard from that lady since the tidal wave thing?

Erika said...

She probably moved to Truro where she can be "anonymous" ;)

Kirsten said...

Can you give me Mr. Psychic's number. I have 25$ burning a hole in my pocket.