Monday, August 13, 2007

Detox: Day 3

Tonight, I cheated.

But only a little teeny tiny bit. So, it probably doesn't even technically count. Right?

I couldn't resist. It was calling to me, "Erika, lick me. My creamy goodness will melt in your mouth. Devour every sinful inch of me. Mmmm...that's it. Just like that."

Stupid talking ice cream.


Amy said...

Ice cheated with ice cream? I think that would be the last sinful food on the planet that would tempt me to cheat. Why not potato chips, coffee, chocolate, full fat cheese...(I could go on forever)? Ice cream? Really? I don't much care for it even when there is nothing else sinful to eat in sight.

Marvo said...

Well the only way to make stupid talking ice cream shut up is to eat it. So you were definitely put into a corner.

Sean said...

ice cream can't really be bad for you.

Erika said...

Amy: All of your opinions are equally as tempting. In fact, I'm eating chips right now!

Marvo: Good to know I'm not the only logically one around :)

Sean: Except maybe for the gyp rock they put in it.