Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Naughty Girl

This morning while getting ready for work, I heard my son (age 10) singing from the comforts of his bedroom across the hall.

It wasn't so much the singing that bothered me. It was what he was singing. Beyonce. "I'll be your naughty girl..." in a voice two octaves above his normal 10-year-old-boy range.

Never one to panic (or over react)...for the duration of our morning commute I blasted ACDC's "TNT" which he also sang along to. I encouraged some slight head banging and a rock-on hand gesture. I did stop short of pulling over the car for him to beat up a neighborhood kid jumping rope.

I'll make a man out of him yet.


Sean said...

porn, smokes and muscle car mags could help as well. also a trip to a firing range.

Dave G said...

I was concerned when I came across my oldest son trying on his mothers orange skirt and green blouse when he was your sons age. I needn't have worried, his dress sense has come on leaps and bounds from those early years. he wouldnt be seen dead in oarange and green nowadays.

Charlene said...

I'll have to download that song. LOL I haven't heard it before. Everybody needs some AC/DC in their lives!

Sarcasm Abounds said...

Maybe you can practice spitting after school. :)


blog Portland said...

Have you been using tea tree oil on the poor kid? Studies have shown that it boosts estrogen production, ultimately resulting in a he-tit man rack.

Erika said...

Sean: Oooo - I didn't even think of the firing range! Thanks!

Dave: Miracles do happen.

Char: I'll burn the whole CD for you and take it when I come to visit.

Sarcasm Abounds: I'm horrible at spitting. Must be the girl in me ;)

Blog Portland: Jesus no. Although he has gotten hooked on this peppermint tea my mum drinks. Must. Check. Ingredients.