Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Detox: Day 4

Escaped from prison tonight.

But earlier today, 1200: Went to lunch with 3 of the girls from work. My sentence: to eat a salad (only) in the local pub amongst all that yummylicious greasylicious food.

Since I had already cheated this morning with a Kit Kat (it was a singles - that's practically the size of a peppermint!), I knew I had to stick to my detox regimen at lunch. Besides, there were witnesses. Must. Keep. Up. Appearances.

There were three equally-as-bland salad choices on the menu: Caesar, garden, and spinach. Whopdeedo. I opted for the ever-colorful spinach salad. A pained look came over my face when I told the waitress to hold the bacon bits, and I'd take the dressing on the side. [Ironically the last time I asked for something on the side, it involved the opposite of dressing].

The waitress asked if I wanted to add chicken for $2.50. I answered "I wish". She probably thought I was broke and couldn't afford the chicken. Ok, I'm broke too. But not THAT broke.

While my lunch mates consumed Greek pizza and the special-of-the-day mussels, I picked and chewed and swallowed my wilted tasteless mushrooms-were-decomposing mushy-eggs no-red-onions spinach salad. Even the dressing was bland. Like mayo but with even less taste. With tasteless green herbs in it. At least I hope they were herbs. Willpower = 1, Brain = 0

1300: Back at work, I was so disgusted I couldn't even face my herbal tea. Why was I doing this? Oh yeah, because for countless weeks I was shoving everything in my piehole. You won the argument this time brain. Willpower = 1, Brain = 1

1700: Back at home, I begrudgingly ate my steamed veggies and brown rice. Why was I continuing to do this? Sure, I wanted to cleanse my system from the weeks of abuse. Sure, I wanted to get rid of that sluggish feeling I just couldn't shake. Sure, I wanted to lose a few pounds before my next date. But I'd accomplished all of that (except maybe the weightloss, though I'm not entirely sure because I don't own a scale). Why keep torturing myself? Willpower = 2, Brain = 1

So I made the decision to ease my way back into eating real food. To celebrate, I made a cup of tea (hello caffeine!) after I eased my way back into more ice cream. Tonight I plan on enjoying a half glass of wine and cheese/crackers combo while watching Big Brother.

I really have no willpower when it comes to food.

It's a good thing I have willpower when it comes to other things. Like booze, shopping and men. Well, three out of four ain't bad.


Dave G said...

God you know how to live girl.

Starboard Tack said...

I'd suggest that the best idea would be to have willpower for shopping and food -- and to have no willpower for booze and men.

2 out of 4 is perfect!

Dave G said...

I know of a diet that detoxes as well as creams the pounds of, up to 15 pound a week, depending on will power, but as you say, you have none and I'm afraid its a killer.

The British Bird. said...

Hello RedHead, I love food too, he and I had three weeks of "On The Road" food whilst travelling between Washington State, Illinois, Mississipi, then up to New Hampshire. We are both currently on diets.

hate that word, it reminds me of chewing card board.

I try not to punish myself too much, just cut back on the portions, and have red wine instead of a glass of beer.

Thats the thing about living in the USA it is the most overweight country in the world. You go out to eat, and you can eat of that plate for two meals. I over heard one woman whos arse was so big, it spread over the chair she was sitting in on both sides. she announced that SHE was on a diet, and was going to cut back from three macdonalds meals a day, to only TWO! Woohoo, you go girlie! I thought.
Your detox could be worse, you could be running, like me.