Saturday, August 04, 2007

Today's Post Is Brought To You By the Letter R (as in Recouperation)

Who knew that all this relaxation would leave one feeling so...tired.

My get-a-way was uneventful [with the exception of mounting the bike rack on the car upside down and then managing to drive the whole way home with the bikes that way]. That, and we were almost asked to leave because of the sheer volume [in number AND audibility] of flatulence/ other sounds emitting from the orifices of my son and nephew.* Something must be in that mountain air.

The interior of my house now looks like it was ransacked. Our suitcases are strewn on the floor with bits and pieces unpacked and more bits and pieces flung on top of the suitcases in a sort of art nouveau clothing statue.

Tonight I'm playing host to three tween-aged boys. Scratch that. I'm playing host to two tweens and one official teen boy. I'm supposed to be cooking them supper right now but had to steal away a few moments to myself. Which I've chosen to down a Vex and type out this ill-conceived post. They seem to have this radar and know when I'm trying to get away. Oh ****. Here they come!

Vacation is so overrated.

* Girls do not suffer from flatulence afterall. Except maybe when we're sleeping and much like night-time erections, we are not responsible for what happens in our sleep.


Amy said...

What a coincidence! This comment is brought to you in part by the letter "R". However the biggest the biggest contributor is the letter "H" (as in Hangover from Hell). Right now I'm trying to kill time until it is late enough to go to bed for the evening.

Erika said...

Yes, I heard you rather enjoyed yourself at the wedding! I say, good for you Amy (minus the hangover of course).

Sean said...

is it a good or a bad vacation when you need a rest from it after the fact?

Erika said...

Sean: It could go either way on that one. My vacation was good.