Tuesday, September 04, 2007

10 (+2) Things I Did This Week

1. Officially went back to being a redhead
2. Officially got a boyfriend (aka Paul)
3. Renewed membership at LaSenza
4. Spent half of funds in bank account at LaSenza using renewed membership on purple/lilac/fuchsia items which will yield a higher return than interest bearing savings account
5. Sorted through knicker drawer, and tossed out unsightly unmentionables to make room for new purple-y purchases
6. Helped sister ring in her 29th birthday
7. Attempted to take trunk load of bottles (1 and a half years worth) to bottle exchange in another province to avoid looking like alcoholic only to discover said bottle exchange was closed. Left bottles for brother-in-law to take to said bottle exchange possibly looking like an alcoholic.
8. Enjoyed black-tie pizza date with said official boyfriend which lead to...
9. Enjoyed bottle of white wine with said official boyfriend which lead to...
10. Enjoyed modeling LaSenza purchases which lead to...
11. Enjoyed "return on investment" (multiple times)
12. Came up with brilliant and plausible excuses as to why I'm walking funny like "pulled a hamstring playing ball" which is...true. Sheesh! What were you thinking?


Amy said...

LaSenza has some great stuff this season. I just had a little shopping spree there myself. Even though I don't have a boyfriend to model it for, my purchases did delight a young man; Ben (age 2). After returning from my shopping trip, I took all my clothes out of the bags to show my relatives visiting from Ontario. When I was done I raised the LaSenza bag in the air and said; "And of course, the reason why I went shopping in the first place, I got some bras." When Ben heard the word "bras" he turned around, jumped up and ran over to me. I said jokingly; "Would you like a bra?" Then I removed the contents of the bag. He grabbed (of all things) the boring flesh colored one. He ran into the next room to show his sister, then he ran around with it on his head, then he started sucking on the cups; at which point I took it away from him. He was not a happy camper about that. Was your experience with "Paul" anything like that?

Sarcasm Abounds said...

Congrats on the BF.


PS remember to stretch first, before playing ball. . .

Erika said...

Amy: Yes, actually it was like that. But only the last part ;)

SA: Good advice, thanks!