Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On My Chinny Chin Chin

Lately I've noticed hair sprouting up in the most unexpected of places. Rogue hairs. Very stealth like. On my chin, upper lip, from moles, on a nipple (ok, ok, two nipples).

It used to be nothing a tweezer couldn't fix. But now my tweezing has reached olympic proportions. I am resigned to the fact this has everything to do with age. Yeah, yeah age is just a number - a number of chin hairs.

Luckily I'm a redhead so my unwary hairy situation is somewhat invisable to the naked eye. And by naked eye I mean Paul's eye. But I can see the little suckers. They're there, taunting me.

It brings me back to my first date with Paul and I spent hours doing some pre-date self-maintenance. I even plucked my knuckle hair. Knuckle hair! I mean who DOES that?

Guys are much more lax about the whole hair thing. Probably because men are supposed to be hairy. Men = hairy = fertile. Women = hairy = quasimodo.

If this is 32, what will 40 bring?


Amy said...

I'm afraid it only gets worse the older you get.

A few years ago, I resorted to paying to get someone to wax all the hair off my face. It really gets pricey considering that it grows back in less than a week.

Those do it yourself "spa" facial wax kits look really tempting because you get several applications worth of wax for half the price of one professional treatment... but when the hair returns, you still have to wait another week for the skin to fully grow back before you can do it again. I know because I tried it a few weeks ago. I walked around with scabs instead of hair on my lip and one side of my chin for over a week.


"Knuckle hair! I mean who DOES that?"

Don't worry, you're not alone! I do that, too. I'm really anal-retentive about getting rid of body hair. But mine's dark brown...probably much more noticeable (at least to others) than yours is, you lucky duck. ;)

Kirsten said...

Oh no, this is what I got to look forward to now that I'm in my 30's!!! Great.

Erika said...

Amy: I think I'm wordless...

Nikki: I'm in good company :)

Kiki: Sorry sis, I'm afraid so.

Jami said...

Yes, it will continue to get worse as you get older... but as compensation, you might get to start going bald to make up for the extra body hair. Oh, yeah - seriously!