Sunday, February 01, 2009

Duty Calls

If you haven't had the pleasure of partaking in a colonoscopy, I'll give you the run down. No pun intended.

First, you drink a big jug the size of antifreeze full of clear liquid which boasts as much flavour as stale pineapple with a hint of cardboard. Then you spend the next 9 hours *ahem* "reading in the library".

Next, you go to the hospital where they shove a ******* up your *** and then they **** and you can't even ****, let alone **** for the next day.

I tried to forget that my ass resembled the Japanese flag and looked on the bright side - bonus weight loss! Two piddly pounds worth. Apparently my crap, much like my alcohol tolerance, is a light-weight.

And somewhere in Hollywood, someone is probably paying for this.


drDave said...

Hey Redhead, Hope it was worth all the effort!

I just wrote about colonoscopy... from a slightly different perspective on my blog:

Someday let's hope there's a better/easier way to do all of this cancer screening...the NY TImes just covered some non-colonoscopy screening methods, but probably will take a while for these non-colonoscopy alternatives to go mainstream:

Erika said...

Thanks Dr. Dave. I guess great minds think alike.