Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bye Bye Miss Canadian Pie

On Thursday, one of my dearest coworkers, "Aunt Margie", retired. We held a proper high tea, complete with silver serving tea set and real china cups and saucers to commemorate the occasion (we're also having dinner and drinks at a [formerly fancy] local hotel at the end of October so this was to hold us over until then).

Any time there is a special event, a sign up sheet is posted in the kitchen, for staffers to commit to what yummy things they're going to bring. The unwritten rule: bonus points if it's homemade.

I always manage to rustle up something from my recipe box. And Thursday was no exception. In between helping Aidan with his class project on mosquitos, doing 3 loads of laundry, and tidying up the house, I made an apple pie. Nothing says yummy sweetness like homemade apple pie. And just to be a bit fancy, I cut a star in the centre of the top layer of crust, worked my crust pattern making magic on the outter rim of the pie and sprinkled sugar on top. You know, for that extra bit of sparkle.

Rowan, is usually the first to sample my wares, and always seems somewhat surprised and amused that I made something so perfect. He always asks, "Who made this?" in between mouthfuls when he knows full well it was me. Rowan then tells me it's "Not bad" before having another piece. I've become good at reading between the lines.

After the tea, I was picking up my mail at reception, when my coworker Debbie said that she only attempted to make a pie once and it was a complete and utter disaster. Then she turned and asked, "Erika, is there anything you're not good at?" Without missing a beat, I said, "Yes, marriage." She laughed.

But think about it. Apple pie, even if it's freshly out of the oven, doesn't keep you warm in bed at night. It just gets really mushy. Apple pie doesn't comfort you. It doesn't listen to you when you need to vent (Actually, pie might listen but it doesn't answer back. And if it does, you've got bigger problems my friend).

For now, I'll stick to what I'm good at. But maybe one day, I'll be good at everything. ;)

I guess practice makes perfect.


Hannah said...

Anyone else getting the impression that this 'Rowan' character is a bit of a fan...?! ;)

Erika said...

He's a huge fan I'm afraid. Also happily married, so don't go getting any ideas ;)

Kirsten said...

I have somewhat of a unfair advantage because I know you so well. I know that anything you do (from housework to cooking, gifts & their presentation, writing, etc) looks fabulous, tastes excellent, to sum it up, very well done. You don't give yourself enough credit regarding your marriage. I know you gave it just as much effort as anything else you set your mind too. The fact is your marriage/relationship produced a wonderful, giving, caring, beautiful soul, your son Aidan.

Anonymous said...

i think i'm really, really scared that you know that apple pie gets mushy in bed instead of keeping you warm.

i, personally find it to be a huge comfort and would rather talk to it while i'm eating it than most people.