Saturday, September 23, 2006

Random Compliment, #3

On Wednesday, I went to work as per usual (yes, there's nothing wrong with my work ethic).

I was dressed very smartly, as per usual; wearing my black short-sleeved fitted cropped blazer, buttoned, with a pink lace cami underneath and my light lemon yellow 1950's era-esque flared skirt. To top off my outfit, the piece de la fav pair of black stiletto boots. I looked quite smashing.

My coworker, Rowan, was on his way to an important meeting on the other side of the province. But he made a point of telling me how great I looked before he left.

Ok, he didn't actually say I looked great. But he did say, and I quote, "If there ever was a Lady Zorro, you would be it." And his eyes went kind of sparkly when he said it too.

Not exactly the look I was going for (I didn't even have my sword with me!) but I took it as a compliment.

I could never lay claim to being the original "Lady Zorro", that's Catherine Zeta Jones' territory. Perhaps Rowan didn't see The Mask of Zorro. I can't blame him for not seeing The Legend of Zorro (Antonio what were you thinking?).
But Ms. Zeta Jones is sexy. And I guess that's where Rowan was going with his compliment. Not about Catherine Zeta Jones. About me.


Anonymous said...

Random Compliment #4

I decided to read thought a few of the "Single Woman" sites on Grins Laughter and found yours to be very entertaining! (I’m one of the single men) You are quite the woman! I love your sense of humour!



Erika said...

Thanks Mark! You're quite the charmer ;) Did I mention, I'm 1/4 Irish?

Anonymous said...

Well I like you even MORE now ... despite the fact that I don't have a drop of Irish blood in me. ;-)

Erika said...

Oops, I realized that after I checked out your blog :) At least it worked in my favour in the end.