Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Answering Your Burning Questions

Today's question comes from Amy.

She writes: "What are Tangy Tarts?"

My answer: "Only the best sugary tarty sour sweetness you've ever tasted!"


[Bloggers Note: I couldn't find a pic of Tangy Tarts, so here's a pic of Zingy Zaps which are actually my number one favorite candy.]


Anonymous said...


I asked my brother that question also, he thought they were candy but he didn't know.

I've had Zingy Zaps before, they are pretty good. I'm more into Jolly Ranchers myself. They keep their smooth texture right until the very end.

I haven't had a Jolly Rancher in at least a year. They are like crack, once I start eating them I can't stop, even after several days with a sore mouth (caused by eating them).

Sean said...

i had to do it. you're officially "tagged". check out my latest for your mission, should you decide to accept it.

Anonymous said...

I was sure that the answer involved a Spanish chica.

I may have a dirty mind.

Erika said...

Amy: I asked your bro if he wanted some when I was visiting, but he declined.

Sean: I've never been one to turn down a mission. Do I get to wear cool disguises like Jennifer Garner in Alias?

Peter: You already know what I think of your mind ;)

Anonymous said...

As a kid I used to RUN after swim practice upstairs to the machine that sold zingy zaps.

Anonymous said...

Canadian people give wierd names to their we just stick a "wonka" somewhere in the mixture and it sells like gold