Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Last Supper

Tomorrow morning I'm getting my braces on.

Tonight I wanted to go crazy for my "last supper" so I could enjoy all these foods I'm not going to be able to eat for a FEW YEARS! Like poutine...Mmmmm...

I was heading over to my Nan's to help her with some chores and told her not to make supper, as I was bringing something delicious. She'd already had a pork chop dinner in the works. "But Nan, I wanted something good," I said.

Oops. I didn't mean it like that.

So then I felt guilty and agreed to eat the pork chops. That was my last supper. Of great substance anyway.

What bothers me the most is how girls keep telling me how braces will be a great way to lose weight. Uh huh. I don't want to lose weight. Any thinner and I'd make Nicole Ritchie look fat.

But seriously...I'm super stressed right now about my impending dental fusion with metal. I'll be ok after that initial mirror reveal, but until then, pray for me :)


Amy said...

WHAT! No poutine??? That's my favorite food in the world!

I have an appointment on April 4th to see about getting my braces. If I can't have poutine, I will seriously be reconsidering getting braces.

Ben O. said...

Hope it goes well. I'm trying to think what my last meal would be in that situation and it would have to be hamburgers, pizza, french fries and chocolate-chip cookie-dough ice cream.

Sounds pretty good, actually.

Ben O.

Sean said...

good luck!

James said...

All fitted now? Hope they're okay. x

Rambling Hal said...

So how'd it turn out??? :)

I just spent the better part of two days reading all your old blog posts, and just wanted to say that a) it has been ENJOYABLE and b) you've just landed yourself a new fan! :)

And hopefully the braces aren't so bad??

Erika said...

Amy: I tried to eat poutine last night. I had to swallow most of the bites whole. Yeah, not a pretty site going in (or coming out for that matter).

Ben: Mmmmmm...chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream...mmmm.

Sean: Thanks!

James: Yes and no. See today's post. But thank you for trying to be positive :)

Rambling Hal: Thanks for that - you've made my day!!!

Kirsten said...

The good news is, smoothies are your favorite breakfast food. Could I suggest investing in a juicer.