Monday, March 05, 2007

Single Girl On A Saturday Night: Cloud #9

Will somebody please pinch me?

Ouch! What the hell did you do that for?

Oh right, I asked you to.

So, my Single Girl on A Saturday Night feature is a bit late. Ok, 3 days late. But it's so hard to write a blog post when your head is up in the clouds all swirly thoughts and stuff. And it's so hard to see to write a blog post when your eyes are all dreamy and stuff.

I went to Liam's on Saturday evening. We cooked supper (chicken curry stew). Yummy!

We drank white wine (Fish Eye). Intoxicating!

We watched the start of the lunar eclipse. Breathtaking! We forgot about the lunar eclipse. That's ok!

We played three rounds of Scrabble (with bets). Rewarding!

Toward the end of the evening he whispered something in my ear that was so sweet and sincere I almost cried. I've never experienced anything quite like this before; it's different. I'm not sure how. Just that it is.

If I am dreaming, I never want to wake up.

Except to pee. I can imagine urine soaked sheets are not a fun experience.

[Post Blog Note: We didn't actually get to eat dessert. But I left it at his house for him to enjoy. Solo ;) ]


Charlene said...

I think you may have reached the end of your single girl on a Saturday night series. Sounds like you're on your way to Coupledom! ;)

James said...

Woo hooo! Love is all around!

Amy said...

I figured that was why you weren't blogging!

Did you really play scrabble? That's more like a 30th date activity, not a 3rd. Come on, spill it what really happened?

Erika said...

Charlene: And it's all thanks to you and Ash!

James: Aren't we lucky?

Amy: Yes, we actually played Scrabble - I like to know that a guy can keep up with me in the smarts department. And, I'm not the kind of girl that kisses [incredibly] and tells ;) Sorry no details.