Saturday, March 17, 2007

Single Girl On A Saturday Morning: The Warm Up

It's official, it has been one month (yesterday) since Liam and I went on our first date.

Tonight, he's planned a 60's themed date [and now you're all thinking about make love not war jokes]. I'm not sure what our 60's date entails but I do know he's tracked down my favorite Beatles movie (Help) and has been compiling music for the occasion, including dusting off his personal collection of Pink Floyd. Liam feels a certain responsibility to make things semi-authentic since he was actually born in the 60's.

He's so creative and knows how to plan. I'm not sure men fully understand how much women appreciate planning and creativity. Or perhaps it's just me.

To get ready for this evening, I'll go through my usual "ritual" of pre-date activities. I'm not sure guys fully understand how much women go through to get ready for a date. Or perhaps it's just me.

Showing up looking "naturally beautiful" is hard work. Observe...

Top 10 Pre-Date Get Ready Activities Done By Women:
- Some sort of physical activity to rid the body of any retaining fluid (level of activity varies from woman to woman, i.e. go to the gym, walk around the block, get out of bed)
- The 3 S's...****, shower and shave
- Pluck random hairs from face, chest, etc
- Condition skin
- Paint nails in pretty color like "Blushed" or "Sheer Innocence"
- Concoct effortless and sexy looking hair do via sheer torture with heated metal appliances like a curling iron
- Forage around dresser drawers for suitable bra and knickers
- Spritz subtle perfume in key areas
- Pick out "knock his socks, etc off" outfit
Apply layer of natural looking makeup

Wow, I'm tired just writing about it. :)


Sean said...

can't wait to hear what all 60's date consisted of...

James said...

So - how d'it go?

Charlene said...

I can't believe I had to read about this on your BLOG! I just asked Ash if she had heard from Liam as I've dropped off your email list!! LOL Love his attn to details!! A keeper! I can't wait to hear what you will do to top his theme date....

Hannah said...

You forget picking the shoes, inadvertantly poking oneself in the eye with mascara, putting toe through stockings, leaving the house late, being unable to get a taxi, not being able to walk in the shoes... Or is this just me?!

Glad to hear the dates are fun: updates please!

Kirsten said...

You did everything on your list, babysat two children and made supper for everyone. A weaker women would have cracked under that pressure (moi).

Sean said...

so. i'm guessing that either a) things are going really, really well with you guys or b) he's trapped you in his basement and keeps making you rub lotion on your skin?

Erika said...

Sean: Well, for starters we watched my favorite Beatles movie (Help). Those Fab Four crack me up!

James: More magical than a mystery tour.

Char: You know I'd never drop you from my email list! Besides, I have you to thank :)

Hannah: Oooo, how could I have forgoten the shoes!

Kiki: Yeah, next time I'll nix the supper.

Sean: Yes, it's option A. Although optional B sounds partially good ;)

Sean said...

yipe! if option b sounds good, swing on by. i've got a basement...