Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And the Winner Is...

It's hard to believe this is my 50th post since I've started blogging back in July 2006.

And what better way to show this redhead your awesomeness love and support than by nominating her (i.e. me) in a category (or three) for the 2007 Weblog Awards aka the Bloggies.

Oh, imagine if I won! It would be better than winning an Oscar. Well, maybe not "the" Oscar but it's way better than being voted "most likely to be on TV with Jim Nunn" like in my high school yearbook senior year. (Sorry Jim)

To nominate me (or to nominate any old blogger if you really need to nominate more than just moi) simply click on the link above and fill out the nomination form. It's that easy! You have until January 10th to get your vote in - finalists will be announced on January 22 with more voting. That voting closes on January 31st (still with me?). The final finalists (aka the winners!) will be posted sometime between March 12-14.

I'm already sooooo excited how will I be able to sleep?

I won't buy your vote but know this, it will make me really really happy ;) And in the words of Britney Spears, "Tell all your friends y'all!" **

**The Redhead-Next-Door in no way implies that Ms. Spears actually used the above noted catch phrase even though it does appear in quotations and does sound like some dribble she would actually say, especially the "y'all" part. By hereby stating this outright, The Redhead-Next-Door and her affliates, The Brunette-Down-the-Street and The Blonde-Across-The-Street
-Round-The-Corner, wash their hands of any potential law suit. We think we've got it covered because there are so many big words in this paragraph that some people might find it hard to understand. Ofcourse, by "some people" we are not necessarily implying Ms. Spears but if some of you think that we are, then we can't get sued for your thoughts. More than likely.

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