Sunday, January 28, 2007

What's In A Name?

While attending a training seminar, the facilitator announced that he could tell which soap opera a woman was watching during her pregnancy by the names of her children.

Interestingly enough, my mum was watching All My Children. I was named after the deliciously (rhymes with itchy) Erica Kane played by the one and only Susan Lucci. So, it's not coincidental that ABC describes Erica Kane like this: "Her romances epic and her exploits the stuff of legend, Erica Kane is not merely a woman, she's a force of nature. Confident and vulnerable, kind and brazen, there are no odds insurmountable or challenges too great. After all, as she would tell you, she is Erica Kane. "

It's like it was meant to be. Or something.

My mum went with the German variation of the spelling, that's why there's a "k" throw everyone off. And it does, moreso because we're not German.

I've spent most of my life spelling it for people (when booking appointments, during introductions, etc) so that "Erika with a k" has become my preamble. But it suits me to a T. Not that the letter T could be very suiting, or comfy. Perhaps I should say, suits me to a yoga pant? But that's just not as catchy.

Ironically, there is a character named "Aidan" on All My Children. But he wasn't on the show when I was pregnant. My son is named after Aidan Quinn. Not to be confused with Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman.

So what soap opera was your mum watching when she was pregnant?


Amy said...

I've made this observation as well. It isn't just limited to soaps though. For instance, the name of our new nephew became very popular after Survivor Africa. Even if all these kids were not named after this guy, his name got a lot of exposure at the time, and it is a nice name. Your sister and my brother are big fans of Survivor. Do you think that might have influenced their decision? I'll have to inquire.

I asked Mom this morning if me or my brother were named after anyone on TV. She said no.

James said...

I'm not sure who I'm named after, but I'm made entirely from Mars bars! Apparently my mum had one every day while pregnant with me. (I don't like Mars bars.)

Kirsten said...

Ethan was not named after the Survivor Africa winner, Ethan. It was more about which name could Troy and I agree on. Plus, it was important what the name meant. For example: Ethan means firm and strong. That's for sure! We liked the name Tristan but it meant sad and sorrow. Plus, Ethan just felt right.

However, if we ever have a girl we will be naming her Chloe after the character Chloe on Smallville who is a journalist and Clark Kent's greatest ally. Plus, Chloe means luxuriant and blooming.

Erika said...

Amy: No, I don't think it influenced them. I remember being in the room when names were being tossed around. Let's just say, it wasn't pretty.

James: Mars bar eh? You sound delicious :)

Kiki: Um, I thought WE all agreed, if it was a girl...Erika.

Peter DeWolf said...

I am wondering if my parents named me for the potential laughs.

Erika said...

Peter: Naw, if your parents really wanted some laughs, they would have named you Beo.

Delicieux said...

My name is Erika as well.. I, too, have lived my life as "Erika with a k" :) However, my last name is German, so that's alright! I don't think my mother was watching soap operas while she was pregnant though.