Wednesday, January 17, 2007

El Brrrr deseo que yo fuera en Miami

Right now it is hovering around -31C outside. Es bastante frío congelar pelotas de cobre de un mono.

[I sure hope that translated ok. If not... awkward.]**

See those two over there on the left (or up above, depending on your browser preference)? Yeah, them. That's where I want to be right now. Paraíso.

[Ever notice how everything sounds so sexy in Spanish? Incluso hablando de indigestión rancia.]

This little scenario (courtesy of my unlimited and never ending imaginación) can be summed up in three letters: GSR. And no, I'm no talking about Gun Shot Residue (there is life after CSI). I'm talking about a Guy, a Sunset and a tall glass of coconut Rum and cran-raspberry juice. I guess that would be more like GSTGCRCRJ but some how that's just not as catchy.

Mmmm...Adam Rodriguez (muy atractivo) serving me drinks of coconut rum would be nice. Sin una camisa en. Don't forget the little paper umbrella thingys.

A hammock built for two. Little paper umbrella in my drink. A gentle breeze carrying the rhythmic sound of the waves lapping at the sand's curves. [Sigh] Perfecto. I'm well aware that this is the first official imaginary sunny-destination vacation I've had. Unless you count that one time in Cavendish...

It is only now that I feel warm enough to trudge out into the blustery night and shovel my driveway. ¡Ay! mierda, who am I kidding? I think I'll stay in and watch the Family Guy (esto da una patada al asno).

**For free and easy language translation, click here. The Redhead-Next-Door is not responsible for any [mis]interpretation that may be a result of [mis]using this service. For best results, use in small amounts. Preferably while serving drinks with little umbrellas. Adam Rodriguez optional.


Anonymous said...

Family... Guy?

Anonymous said...

it's good to have dreams. i'll be in sf this weekend. hopefully it's a tad warmer that what i've had.