Friday, July 06, 2007

My PG Rated Life

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What the fuck? My blog is rated PG - parental guidance suggested.

Are you as fucking surprised as I am? And it's only PG because I've used the words "dead" and "dick". I know! I've also used crap and shit as least once. Not to mention fucko, bastard and ball licker. Ok, I didn't use ball licker. But maybe I fucking should. What's it take to get an R rating around here? Damn it all to H-E-double toothpicks. Er...hell. I mean hell.

And while I'm at about tits. And arse. Tits and arse. There, I wrote it out. Instead of typing my usual "T & A" bullshit.

Oooo - and sex, sex, sex!

There PG rating! How do you like me now?

Oh. Now I'm rated R. And only because I used the word "sex".

Maybe I should have stuck with my PG rating and left out "sex". Then my blog could really imitate my life.


Peter DeWolf said...

I got an NC-17!

Starboard Tack said...

LOL ... You are much more funny and clever than me. I tried to think of something humorous to say about my blog's rating, ended up with a dull post. Your post, in contrast, is hilarious!!

Erika said...

Peter: Nice! I think you could very easily bump that up to R.

ST: Thanks for the compliment :) But you have to take some of the credit, after all, you gave me the idea.

Sean said...

who knew it was an insult to be pg

Erika said...

Sean: There are definitely worse things for sure.

James said...

Maybe it means they think you are in need of some parental guidance? Just a thought. ;-)