Friday, July 20, 2007

Who's That Girl?

Lately I've been hankering for a change. Partially because I'm a raging commitment-phob [more on that later], and also because I bore easily. It's like the chicken and the egg...which came first?

So, I decided to color my hair. Good-bye redhair tendrils and hello brunette locks! I feel more exotic already - like an Irish Cleopatra. Plus, the brown really showcases my cute little freckles.

I'm looking forward to see what [if any] affect this has on the kind of guys I attract. After all, men seem to take brunettes more seriously. Brunettes are smart and savvy. Ok, so they're also kind of bland (compared to a sassy redhead anyway) but maybe I can help improve their image.

Eventually I will have to confess to a man that I'm a natural redhead (*ahem* there are ways to tell). But until then - brunettes a-way!


Charlene said...

:O ERIKA!! You didn't!! I'M SURE IT LOOKS GREAT BUT......But nothing. I'm speachless and in shock.
Of course, you know of my secret obsession with red hair! LOL

Erika said...

Char: You know me, I need change. The red will be back soon enough. Tonight I picked Aidan up he said, "Mum, I love your hair. You look like a rock star!"

Starboard Tack said...

I am curious ... how can you tell?

Erika said...

Same way you can tell a girl isn't a natural blonde.

Charlene said...

Aidan is full of comliments! I could use some. Do you rent him out?? LOL

Erika said...

Yes, but you couldn't afford him ;) Perhaps I'll get him to call and leave a compliment on your voicemail!