Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Romantic Weekend Get-A-Way (for 1)

Back in the spring I bought two tickets from a girl at work on one of those romantic weekend get-a-ways for two at a mountain side chalet. The prize was being drawn by a local school who was doing some fund raising. Being the jackass I am, I asked my coworker for two tickets because "I just have a feeling I'm going to win." And then, hell froze over: I won.

My prize has been sitting, tucked away in the top drawer of my dresser since then. Gathering dust.

I planned on taking Liam. We planned to do a lot of things. None of which will come to fruition.

I rationalized that some other guy would come along who I would want to take. Not necessarily someone serious, but someone I would look forward to hot tubbing, cuddling by the fire, and making out on the bear skin rug with.

**still waiting**

So I decided to book the chalet anyway. And go there. Alone. Well, not exactly alone. But with my son and my nephew.

I was so embarrassed when I called...
Me: "Um, I have this gift certificate for a romantic two night stay. But um, er, instead of two adults, it'll be one adult and two children. Is that ok?"
Resort Lady: (sounding incredibly sorry for me) "Oh yes dear, ofcourse."
Me: "Um, as part of the package, I have a gift certificate for a romantic candle light dinner for two. I'm not going to be using that, can I transfer it to someone else?"
Resort Lady: (sounding even more sorry for me) "Oh yes, ofcourse dear. Ofcourse. It's no problem."

Sure, it won't be the get-a-way I originally pictured. But living in my bikini for two days, biking up (and down) the mountain, swimming in the heated outdoor pool and bbq'ing at my deluxe chalet sounds pretty damn good to me right about now.


Peter DeWolf said...

Yhat sounds like the kind of place that might employ some burly, lumberjack type.

I'm just sayin'...

Erika said...

I can only hope :)

Kirsten said...

oh sis. I think you'll have a great time, relaxing and enjoy the scenic view. I was wishing today I was there.