Monday, July 16, 2007

Quote of the Day, #1

Me: "I give up. I really have no clue about men anymore."
Funny Male Blogger Friend: "We are all different. Like snowflakes. Or nipples."
Me: "Ah huh. That's very deep [his name]. I hope one day I will be able to catch a snowflake on my tongue."
Funny Male Blogger Friend: "I feel the same way about nipples."


Sean said...


Starboard Tack said...

Is it true that every woman's nipples are unique? Perhaps I should do some research into this subject. Maybe even a full fledged study ... I will need volunteers.

Erika said...

Sean: To which part - all men being different or the nipple part? ;)

ST: I'm sure it's the same as men's...[whispers] nipples. It also applies to *ahem* other body parts. Let me know how your "research" goes, and recruiting volunteers. Maybe Sean would like to be your lab assistant!

Starboard Tack said...

Erika: I was sort of hoping you would be my first volunteer. You can start by sending me 8x10 glossy photographs of your nipples.