Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Use Your Library Voice

In order to keep busy for the summer (i.e. not focus on boys) I've requested about 20 books at the library - all focused on dating and relationships.

Yesterday I picked up "How To Set His Thighs On Fire: 86 red-hot lessons on love, life and men (especially sex)" and "DSI: Date Scene Investigation - the diagnostic manual of dating disorders".

When I stepped up to the counter, I was somewhat embarrassed about my book choices. It didn't help that there was a cute guy standing within ear shot. I loudly stated the books were "research" for an article I'm working on. The librarian gave me the "Sure dear, poor thing" look.

My quest for dating enlightenment, was not helped by this article published (on the front page no less) of today's newspaper.


Peter DeWolf said...

Women outnumber men in N.S.??

That absolutely would not have been my guess.

Amy said...

I understand why Peter is confused by those stats. If they did another study based on "hotness", I'm sure they would discover that there are more "hot guys" than "hot girls" in the a long shot!

Erika, in the hotness department you and I have an advantage over the vast majority of Nova Scotian women. We will do just fine.

Erika said...

Peter: The number's my be double the provincal average in [name of my area].

Amy: Thanks :) Perhaps we should form a club...the Highland Hotties. Glad to see you haven't been completely swallowed up by work.