Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Arm Not Taken

The rain has stopped and here comes the sun. I've narrowed down my dating prospects from 3 to 1 in as many weeks. The last man standing is the charming Englishman, let's call him Liam.

Yesterday, we had our second date at a local cafe. Liam now refers to it as "our cafe". [sigh]

Part of the reason I like him is because he finds my awkward dating blunders endearing and not a sign to run for the nearest exit.

Example #1: During a bit of a lull in the conversation, I asked him "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" After a thoughtful pause, Liam explained he had once purchased a $150,000 car. Naturally, he threw the question back to me (I really should have my own answer prepared before asking that sort of thing). I inappropriately blurted out that I once played a game of strip poker. Curious, Liam asked if I still played. Again, I blurted, "No, I'm not very good a poker." He found this quite amusing. But I didn't stop there...I went on to say that perhaps I should stick to something I'd be better at, like strip Scrabble. He asked for clarification ofcourse about whether it was the stripping or the Scrabble I was good at while trying to keep a straight face. Then we just sat there for a moment. He admitted that he was still thinking about Scrabble and perhaps we should change the subject, so I proceeded to ask him about his favorite color. [It's blue].

Example #2: After our lunch we were enjoying our beverages, coffee (Liam) and tea (me). I asked the waitress for a glass of water, and then went on to explain that my facialist advised me to drink 2 glasses of water for every cup of tea or coffee I consumed. I hadn't realized I was so thristy and began really sipping the water back through my straw. I paused to take a breath and my straw flew up out of my glass, flinging water on my face and arm. I laughed, and then said that obviously, the water is absorbed much quicker into the body if you apply it directly to the skin instead of drinking it.

Example #3: Being the perfect gentleman, Liam walked me to my car after we left the cafe. He pointed out some ice off to right on the sidewalk (this was my cue to take his arm because I was wearing heels and he didn't want me to fall. He did the same thing on our first date and then informed me that any arm taking would have consequences, like a kiss on the cheek). I neglected to take his arm. When we reached my car, I being the graceful singelton that I am, muttered "So I assume somebody will be in touch?" Liam smiled and said that somebody would be in touch.

Back at work I was retelling my dating awkwardness for the benefit of my coworkers who are smug marrieds and have to "live vicariously through me". Within a half an hour there was an email in my inbox from Liam asking if he could cook me supper next weekend.

I offered to bring dessert and my Scrabble board (for a regular game ofcourse).


James said...

All spunds like good progress. Enjoy the 'Scrabble' whtever that really involves.

Kirsten said...

He has his own place? And lives locally? Oh, does he still have that $150,000 car? Possibly rich? Call me...

Charlene said...

When he sees the snot flying from your nose b/c you're laughing so hard will be the true test to whether or not he's a keeper! :)
Of course, you already know my opinion on the Englishman I fell in love within 5 mins of meeting/ listening to him and alas since I'm happily married, and an adoptive mother of a singleton.......We know the rest!