Monday, February 12, 2007

Sweet Dreams, Third Edition

Last night I had QUITE the dream.

But I can't write about that. So, I'll tell you about another dream I had...

I was at a record store, searching for some CD I really wanted. But was having a hard time finding it. Probably because I was browsing in the LP section. As I was flipping through the album covers, I kept saying "" to each one I glanced at. [I know, I know - already you can see how this is going to go down in the "analysis section"].

[Sidebar: When I was a "newbie" in the world of student journalism I had the pleasure of working with a cool-as-shit Editor-in-Chief, let's call him Josh. He was effortlessly cool with his rumpled brown hair, like a modern day James Dean, but not gay. I mean, this guy even made cigarettes look cool. This one time at the pub he picked me up and swung me around on his shoulders like he was a figure skater or something. Sigh.]

Anyway back at the CD store in the LP section...

Josh (see sidebar) runs up to me, takes a hold of my shoulders with his big strong hands and says "I've been looking everywhere for you. I've been looking for six years but I've finally found you!" Ok, this is where it goes off the rails...

Josh gets down on one knee and proposes!

I say yes. Naturally.

What kind of crazy **** is that?

The "can't find the CD" part probably relates to my search for the right guy. But since I'm looking in the "LP section", I'm looking in the wrong place for the kind of guy I want.

Either that or, I really am looking for a CD. Or maybe I should quit eating salsa before bed.

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James said...

What about the other dream?

I have not remembered a dream in about 30 years, since I had a recurring nightmare when I was just wee.