Saturday, February 24, 2007

Single Girl On A Saturday Night: A Whole Lot of This And That

List of things to do Saturday night:

- go to supper with dear friend Nan
- enjoy glass of wine
- clean very dirty house
- magically make piles (and piles) of laundry disappear
- watch movies (Marie Antionette and Running with Scissors)
- do taxes
- take down outside Christmas decorations

Apparently I'm less efficient than previously thought.

Especially after two glasses of wine.


Amy said...

I guess this proves just how different we are. I would have done the things you didn't do first.

And Erika, TAKE DOWN THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! It's almost March. I totally make fun of people like you all the time. My neighbor across the street has an enormous "Merry Christmas" sign that he leaves up until Easter. I swear he does it to drive me insane.

James said...

Looks like a reasonable percentage completed to me - give yourself a pat on the back for well done.

carrotpenis said...

I think your officially white trash if you keep your decorations up past March 1st. You definitely are if you've been still lighting them since about a day after New Years. Ha.

carrotpenis said...

P.S. I love having good intentions about doing stuff and then having a couple of drinks. All those good intentions go right out the window.

Erika said...

Amy: In my defense (or something) the Christmas decorations are frozen and I can't pry them off the doorstep. It's nothing too noticeable.

James: Thanks! [pats self on back]

CP: See above.

Charlene said...

It's ok Erika. My Christmas decorations are still up outside too! We'll be white trash together!

Kirsten said...

-Clean very dirty house. As if. Your like those girls that weigh 120 pounds and think there fat. Your house is not dirty, it always looks great! After your response to CP's comment I bet he feels like a dickhead. Ha