Friday, February 16, 2007

Dead On Arrival

See this guy? He's not a doctor but he plays one on TV.

In a moment, he's going to place those paddles on a patient.

I think I could use his services on the men I've been dating lately. They all seem to have had their heart stopped (or even worse, ripped out) by their ex-wives/ ex-girlfriends/ ex-housekeepers.

Much like a critical patient laying unconscious on an ER stretcher, these guys are in no condition to be out walking about with non-patients and going out on dates as if they're whole.

But they do.

And I'm not a doctor. I don't even play one on TV. I could manage a little mouth-to-mouth but that's about the extent of my medical training.

So we all know how this ends. Things are DOA before the entrees.

Which is a pitty. Because I was really looking forward to dessert.


Amy said...

OK, so that's a much better reason not to be interested than not wanting to throw up.

I've been involved with a man in that situation before. It was a train wreck. Good Call.

James said...

Doesnae sound tae gid, as they say around here.

Have you thought of trying out newer models. There's pros and cons to this. Certainly likely to be carry less baggage and have better performance, but might not last as long. It's a tricky world!