Sunday, February 11, 2007

V Is For...

Houston, we have a problem.

On Friday, I got lucky! A co-worker was selling tickets on a romantic weekend getaway package at a local chalet, and a gift certificate at a fancy restaurant. I was feeling lucky and purchased two tickets. One of which was the winning ticket. Two thumbs up.

My co-worker Rowan teased that now I just had to find someone to take. Uh huh. Without missing a beat, I told him it wouldn't be a problem and winked.

Except that it is a problem. Well, not a "problem"...there's no expirary date (on me or the getaway/ gift certificate). But there isn't anyone right now that I would take.

Which reminds me, things have been grounded with the Pilot. This is actually a good thing. He didn't make me want to throw up. This is actually a bad thing.

So, if you're keeping track, feeling like you're going to throw up when with a guy = good, not wanting to throw up when with a guy = bad. Everyone wants to feel those butterflies and not an empty void.

Also, in case you're keeping track - Valentine's Day is three days away. This year, I want to receive flowers from a secret admirer (or maybe a not-so-secret admirer). Not roses mind you, they're so overrated and cliche. Maybe a nice bouquet of daisies or something. Like he put some thought and personality into it.

Can you believe that some single women actually send flowers to themselves on Valentine's Day and pretend it's from a potential suitor? I could never imagine doing that [*cough cough*].

I've been reminded over the years on Valentine's Day how truely sweet and thoughtful guys can be. I think one of the best gifts I ever received was from my coworkers at the university radio station where I used to have a morning show. The guys chipped in and bought me chocolates and the sweetest card. I ended up finding out later that while they all adored me (naturally), they were actually from the station manager who secretly had a crush on me.

Sigh. Is it possible to get lucky twice in one week?


Amy said...

Wanting to throw up too soon IS bad because it's pretty good sign the the relationship will be short lived. I have many theories for this, but I won't get into them.

I prefer the first encounter to feel an old shoe. A date tends to feel "forced" or like an audition. Which is kind of why I don't like dating. Also why I refuse to be "fixed up" with a stranger in a "date setting" by a friend.

Ideally dating should be more of an accidental thing. Here is my version of how it should happen. There are different versions of my scenario, (I can create a blind date scenario for you if you wish) but this is my personal favorite.

a) Meet a guy, any old guy. The thought of dating never even crosses your mind.
b) Get to know said guy through repeated innocent encounters.
c) Now butterflies appear. You and the guy realize,"hey there is something here".
d) Now you go on a date, hook up, what ever.
e) You and guy live happily ever after.

James said...

Definitely, your confidence and wink will be rewarded I'm sure.

Sean said...

if you'd ever send off your address you might not get flowers, but maybe a swiss army knife...

Erika said...

Amy: Your scenario sounds sweet but how's that working out for ya?

James: From your keyboard to ...the wish granting genie.

Sean: I guess I can take comfort knowing that the knife will be around long after the flowers are dead and be more useful/ practical.

Amy said...

All of my relationships that have lasted any length of time have pretty much been like that. (Except for the e part.)

I have never had a date with butterflies at the start, work out, EVER.

Charlene said...

What we're all really wondering, Erika, is what's happening with the Englishmen??!! (It's raining men....)

Erika said...

Amy: For me, I need that queasy feeling.

Charlene: So far, so good. Call me for details :)

Kirsten said...

Every date should be different. Different emotions and thoughts. I don't believe anyone can predict the exact process for a lasting relationship. It can be similiar to previous experiences or totally different. Live in the moment and enjoy.