Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Think I Love You (And You, And You, And Ooooo Definately You)

Happy Valentine's Day to all you singletons and smug marrieds out there in Bloggerland!

Unlike most Valentine Days, I did not harbour any bitterness to the lovey dovey couples of the world who continue to shamelessly flaunt their commitment to love. Nor did I feel the urge to biff a hard biscuit at the heads of couples strolling hand in hand down the sidewalk. And not once did I feel the need to puke at the sight of ugly girls on the arms of their obliviously cute boyfriends. Perhaps I have turned over a new leaf. And perhaps I've realized that even ugly people deserve to be happy.

It's turning out to be a banner year.

But seriously, this is the first Valentine's Day that I'm not sulking about feeling sorry for myself because I'm single. I was actually happy today instead milling about at the pity party.

To celebrate my lessons learned and personal growth, I bought myself some top notch flowers - after all, I deserve it. Personal growth is hard work! I also picked up a bottle of wine (which I'm already 3/4 of a glass into and becoming rather silly) and some portabello mushrooms so I can cook up my piece de la resistence - stuffed mushrooms! Yummy.

I guess I've learned to love the one you're with, even if you're the only one in the room. Because if you don't love yourself, who will.

Ok, that sounds way too philosophical this far into a glass of wine. Enjoy your awesomeness!

XOXO, Erika


Kirsten said...

I'm proud of you. Happy Valentine's day.

Frankly, Scarlett said...

Love it! Happy v-day, baby!

Sean said...

i like this post. happy valentine's day!

James said...

A lovely Valentine's Day post - there weren't too many. Most were either super gushy or pretty bitter. Well done you.