Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Answering Your Burning Questions, #3

Today's question comes from James.

He writes, "Where do I find a gorgeous, interesting, intelligent, active girl? (And preferrably one that fancies me).

My answer: At my house.

But seriously ;)

If you want food, you go to the grocery store. So, following that line of reasoning, if you want a gorgeous/interesting/intelligent/active girl, she can only be found in one your local library. Under "fiction."

But seriously ;)

Like attracts like. Unless ofcourse you're complete opposites, and then, well, the opposite is true.

Perhaps you're not sending the proper message out to the universe?

Ok, here's how it works. The universe is made up of a big ball of energy. When we send out thoughts, they too are energy and the universe responds to our energy guessed The universe wants to give us what we want. Like REALLY wants to.

But you need to be really specific about the kind of girl you're looking for. Like REALLY specific (for example: has cute little mole on left side of stomach. I completely just made that up out of the blue BTW) or else the universe may get confused and send you Rosie O'Donnell.

Pour yourself a drink. Put on some [insert mood music here] and try making a list of every quality that pops into your head. Quiet the inner critic (with a second drink). And check your list twice (hey, it works for Santa!). Put the list next to your bed. It should be the first thing you look at when you wake up and the last thing you look at when you go to bed at night (for now). Give it 30 days and if the universe doesn't send you the woman you seek...

Then I guess I was wrong. You probably thought I was going to tell you "just be yourself" and all that crap huh.

*hugs* Hope this helps!


Marvo said...

I like to keep the list of what I want in a woman written in lipstick on the huge ceiling mirror above my bed. :-)

Amy said...

James: You'll find her in Whistler, Canada. I'll send you an e-mail with details of how I came to this conclusion on my next work break (possibly very late this evening).

Dan said...

So how has that been working for you?

And Amy, I've always thought (known) that I should move to Canada...

James said...

Cheers Erika - you're a gem, though perhaps a bit mad. And thanks Amy, I look forward with interest.

Amy said...

Dan: I suggested Whistler for James because I've been reading his blog for some time now and I have some idea of what kind of girl he needs(not to mention the fact that he is on a plane headed to western Canada as I type this). If you wish, I can read through your blog archives so that I can pin point the geographical location of your perfect match.

Erika said...

Marvo: I think I speak for everyone when I ask, what color is the lipstick?

Amy: Carry on.

Dan: It's more like "do as I say, not as I do" type of thing. I will be working on my list though this weekend to add to my vision board.

James: That's the sweetest thing any blogger has ever said about me [tear].

Amy: Again, carry on.