Saturday, June 16, 2007

Busy Beaver

Today's post is going to be short and sweet (like me). Well, except I'm not short. Then again, I'm not what you would call tall either. But I am unquestionably sweet.

Top 10...8 Things To Do This Weekend:

- visit "the" city for some shopping (window), gambling at the casino ($1.00 Cdn), fine dinning (carbo loading for Sunday's race) and a play at the theatre (pick up acting tips, or maybe an actor).
- do laundry because I officially have no clean [insert name of clothing item here]
- clean house so it no longer resembles home of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan
- [finally] get a good night sleep
- run 5km race with Suzie on Sunday without "hospital incident"
- try to concentrate on running race and not staring at muscular touchable butts of male runners in front of me
- bake chocolate chip cookies
- spend time with Dad

I have a feeling there'll be a few post ideas being "developed" this weekend.


Sean said...

no, no. staring at the touchable butts (female in my case) is what gets you through the race.

Erika said...

Sean: I was able to maintain non-butt focus through the whole race! Maybe I'll try your method on the next one :)

Sean said...

erika. i've found that the staring makes me a) forget my pain and boredome and b) makes me run faster than i normally would if it's shapely enough and just a tad faster than my normal snail-like pace.

how'd you do?

Erika said...

Oh you crazy guys! What will you think of next.

I did fan-****-ing-tastic! (thanks for asking :) I finished the 5k in 28 minutes and 36 seconds, #57 out of 151 runners in that distance category. Now if I could just find a guy to run with and provide that extra bit of motivation...

Sean said...

my problem with running now is boredom. i did okay this last week because i was the senior guy and i took a crew of guys out to nc. so a) i felt good to be older than almost all of them and to finish the runs in the top half and b) i was so busy "motivating" their slow asses that i didn't have time to be bored. but this week i'm home and running by myself and i'm bored. i'd much rather watch t.v. for an hour than run by myself...

Erika said...

Really? I love running by myself. It's one of the few times I can clear my head and think "me" thoughts. Plus, I like to focus on my breathing so run more efficently and last longer. No MP3 player for me.

Do tell, how did you motivate their slow asses? :)