Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Day In The Life Of the Redhead-Next-Door (aka cute n' klutzy)

Yay - my first ever Podcast!

For those of you like me (i.e. no sound on their PC at home) I've also provided a transcription. Sure, you don't get my neat-o sound effects like the fake cat meow, but still....

I haven't actually heard the recording (again, no sound) but ran it by a focus group first (can one person be considered a focus group?) and was assured my first podcast was postable. Or was that compostable?

Hi. I'm Erika. You probably remember me from such blogs as "The Redhead-Next-Door" which you're currently, listening to and the short lived "Will Write For Booze."

And yes, this is my actual voice. Isn't that right Mrs. Bigglesworth? "Meow."

You picked a ****ing fantastic day to check out my blog because...[whispers] I have a secret to tell you.

[Whispers] Come closer. [Whispers] Even closer. What, do I have something contagious? I'm going to tell you a secret, not blow in your eye. Get in here!

There, that's better.

Are you ready?

Ok [deep breath]. Here goes. I. Am. A. Klutz. There, I said it. Klutz, with a capital K.

If there was an Elaine Benes physical comedy fanclub, I would in fact be President.

You don't believe me do you?

May I present: Exhibit A!

Today I was soooo hungry. I was tempted to eat my lunch at break time. But then I thought, what would I eat at lunch time? There was some unappealing almost-out-of-date oatmeal in my cubicle. Yuck.

I could have wandered around the cubicle farm doing my cutest "feed me" face like puppies, kittens and Nicole Richie do until somebody caves and feeds them. It was what they call "in the biz" quite the quandry. Well, maybe we don't call it that. Quandry. But I'm sure in some businesses, somewhere, they do. Quandry. That's fun to say isn't it?


Instead, I scraped together the $1.89 to go to the local "shall remain nameless" coffee shop for a double double and a ham and cheese biscuit. Mmmmmmmm...

While scarfing down my biscuit and coffee I was watching a controversial op ed piece on gay marriage and a bit of the biscuit got caught on my brace elastic which acted like a sling shot firing the piece of ham and cheesy goodness down my throat. Luckily, I don't have much of a gag reflex.


On to Exhibit B!

Fast forward to lunch. While scrafing down my tuna and jalapeno cheese sandwich on white bread I went to take a drink of Pepsi through a straw and tipped the can of Pepsi like I was drinking it from my lips. It was both refreshing and sticky when half of the can emptied into my lap. Unfortunately I was wearing my favorite cotton-blend
50's-inspired A-line yellow skirt from Old Navy . My favorite skirt that now looked like somebody had really runny diarrhia on it.

I ran to the office kitchen holding the front of my skirt like some sort of diarrhia filled bag and promptly applied paper towel. And more paper towel. And then, finally, yup, more paper towel. Can somebody order some ****ing absorbant paper towel for in here!!!

Because of the amount of water it took to remove the big brown Pepsi stain, my cotton-blend
50's-inspired A-line yellow skirt from Old Navy was now see-through. Ok perhaps, if you work at a brothel, not ok if you work in an office where you regularily meet with clients.

But wait, there's more.

Finally, I present Exhibit C.

After shivering under the air conditioning in my soaking wet see-through skirt all afternoon I decided to make myself a cup of hot chocolate to warm up. Because let's face it, the blanket I had wrapped around me "tog-a party style" was doing nothing for my image. I boiled the kettle. I carefully spooned four teaspoons of yummy powdery coco-y goodness into my lime green cup. I tenderly handled the kettle, cautiously pouring the hot water where it mingled with the hot chocolate, enveloping it. Mmmmmm...

I lifted the succulant cup to my moistened lips. Not too quickly, it's best not to rush these sort of things. Ooooo and then...

I looked down at my skirt. And right below my perky **** was a big blob of hot chocolate.

Maybe I need to invest in one of those big lobster bibs.


Dan said...

So the question is... did you write the script first and read it or did you transcribe it afterwards? Somehow, scripting gains less points, I think.

--the critic.

Erika said...

Dan: Hmmm...if you can't tell, I'm not gonna. Maybe I'll see if I can guess when you do your podcast.

Kirsten said...

What day was this string of bad luck on? If it was Friday, then at least the positive part was TGIF. The recorded thing was neat and weird, but nice for a change.
All I can say is you spill more Food/Beverages than a pregnant lady.

Erika said...

Kiki: It all happened on Thursday. Yeah, I have the coordination of a pregnant lady without the sex. Great :)

Char;ene said...

I can't believe you don't have sound!!