Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yesterday I went for a run to get my timing/distance/total body conditioning/chance of cardiac arrest up to par for my upcoming marathon next Sunday. I was joined by my 10-year-old son (via his bike).

It was hot by Canadian standards (30 C), so I found myself taking more-frequent-than-usual water breaks.

On one such break, I replaced my mini-water bottle back on my fuel belt. Then decided to make an adjustment to my panties. Normally I do a quick peripheral scan to make sure I don't have an audience and then "adjust". But for whatever reason yesterday, I did not. After taking care of my wedgie, I was passed by a fellow jogger (details: guy, tanned, hot, sweaty, no shirt,, stride). Despite being hot from running, I could still feel my cheeks burn just a little more from slight embarassment. I mean, it's not like I was digging for gold or anything. It was, in my opinion, a lady-like wedgie removal (if there ever is such a thing). Besides, once you give birth via hospital delivery room with about 10 strangers viewing you in all your stirrup glory, only slight embarrassment can exist after that.

Reality check: there is one less guy in the world that will be asking me out.

I ran to catch up with my son, who continued to ride his bike and was about 8 meters ahead of me. As I came up along side of him, he turned to me and said, "Mum, you're beautiful."

My timing may be way off, but my son's is spot on.


Amy said...

During a workout I think unladylike wedgie removal is 100% acceptable. After all you can get away with a lot during a workout: sweaty stringy hair, a certain degree of body odor, big wet spots under the arms and down the front and back of the shirt. It's even OK to wear clothes with holes if you want. So why wouldn't yanking out a wedgie be fine too?

FYI...I do it all the time during my workouts...I don't even care who might be watching.

Charlene said...

OMGosh! I'm with you Erika! I would have been blushing fiercely! And I totally scan first before wedgie removal! LOL
As for the you're beautiful part- ADORABLE!

Charlene said...

PS LOVE the new Header!

Erika said...

Amy: I had no idea other girls were doing it too. I look forward to hearing whether workout wedgies are limited to our gender.

Char:I'm glad I'm not alone. And yeah, he is ADORABLE! I think he gets that from me ;) PS - thanks on the header - it was an hour well spent.